Saturday, May 10, 2014

T-Minus 2 Days Until Mother's Day ~ Crunch Time! Some Nationals and some Locals

No pressure now. No ticking clock. There are a lot of new books out in hard cover and paperback. There's still plenty of time to stop in at your local bookstore to get your mother that Mother's Day book (and a card. We also have some cards).

So I'm not going to bore you with the details. Each title below is a book we think your mother would like, depending on her taste. We'll begin with some general authors newly released, then we'll focus on three local writers that should be known to us all. Each title has a link to some review that will let you know a little bit more. Browse around, then stop by and browse some more.

A NYT Reivew here and the first
pages PDF here

Heartwarming fiction:
Moyes website, here.

Historical fiction of slavery in South Carolina by the author of
¨The Secret Life of Bees,¨ check out the NYT review here.

Check out my review of The Goldfinch here,
to get a better sense of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize winning novel.
New from the irreverent Christopher Moore!
Check out a review here and if she hasn't read ¨Fool,¨
look for it in our Moore stack in the mystery room! 
East Moreland mother Carrie Link's heart-warming
and hilarious memoir about her son Wil,
who many of you may know. Good for all moms. 

Best book of 2013 (if you ask me), Matt Love
will convert you all to rain. Check out my review, here

One of the best books of Oregon, ever, by local author Brian Doyle.
A recent customer called it ¨biophelic.¨ Seems to suit.
If mom hasn't read it, get her to do so.
If she has already read ¨Mink River,¨ Brian Doyle's
next book takes off from Declan's departure.
Just released in hardcover!
Our youngest local author, Rena Marthaler
has been written up in this month's Sellwood Bee.
Copies of her book are right up front! A review here!
Visit the book's Facebook Page

Stafford poetry from Tavern Books!
Support your local presses!

Not quite the thing? Don't worry. I've been at this blog post for the last four days and have recommendations from yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the day before the day before yesterday. Check them out. And stop on in where we'll show even more books that it would take weeks to get all up on this blog! We can find something perfect for her by tomorrow!

~ James Maynard, May 2014

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