Wednesday, May 7, 2014

T-Minus Five to Find the Perfect Mother's Day Book ~ #5

In this post, I'll be counting down the days before May 11th, each day offering up a book idea for your mother, that I promise you she'll love. Let's get started, shall we?

Have I mentioned Back In The Garden With Dulcy?

How many times must I write it: this is a fantastic book for all occasions, Mother's Day or otherwise. Compiled by Dulcy's husband, Ted Mahar, it offers up the best of Dulcy Mahar's Oregonian columns on gardening, all put inside a beautifully bound hardcover book for only $22.95.

This was a hit over Christmas; in a season that had no national book craze, the most expected phone inquiry we had in Portland was "do you have the Dulcy book?" Still, plenty of mothers (perhaps even yours!) has come into the shop lately and sighed longingly for Back In the Garden with Dulcy, complaining that her son or daughter or husband did not get the hint last Christmas. Time to make up for that, just as gardening season is underway!

If she already has Dulcy's book, perhaps something to complement: The Oregonian Cookbook or other Pacific Northwest gardening books? Stop by, we have plenty in stock.

~ James Maynard, May 2014

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