Friday, April 18, 2014

Your Easter Bunny Solutions

Easter may be the holiday best known for gooey chocolate eggs, but at Wallace Books we've learned that our customers want something a little more lasting for their children. While much of our new stock has been bought up already (with a resupply of new stock due on Monday, a day too late), we thought we'd point out some lovely books that are sure to have a lasting impression on your child's Easter holiday.


All kinds of bunnies, and we're bringing you our favorites. Of course, Beatrix Potter's timeless tales of Peter Rabbit and friends come in all shapes and sizes in our shop: from board books for the little ones to chapter books for beginner and middle readers. There's also Margery Williams' "The Velveteen Rabbit," which has been illustrated by so many different illustrators, you're bound to find one you love. Alongside these two options, there is a third (for the wildchild son we know you have), a series of middle-reader comic books called Stone Rabbit. It is adventure and tom foolery. Maybe not Usagi Yojimbo, but those are really hard to come by.

If Potter and Williams is already in your house, consider other children's classics involving animals or dolls. To name a few: "The Wind in the Willows," Mother West Wind adventures (my favorite was always "The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat"), or "The Indian in the Cupboard" series.


This is one of my favorite children's comic books right now, illustrated by Christian Slade (check out his website to see some of his remarkable drawings). It is a tale without words but in beautiful pencil (and charcoal?) illustrations about a girl and a corgi and their adventures with strange goblins (look closely at the tree, above), aliens, and otherworldly creatures both good and bad.

I'm not sure why this isn't as big a hit as it should be, for children and adults alike. Even without words the use of paneling and Slade's ability for facial expressions gives you all the tension and joy we look for in a story. And (to get on my soapbox), in our age of language saturation, the rich silence that is found in Slade's "Korgi" books is like a serene pocket of calm. This book quiets the mind, while leaving the reader enraptured. Strongly recommended.

Ask me (James) about it when you come in, and I'll show you where I've stashed away a copy just for you.


He seems to be everywhere. At our Thanksgivings and our Christmases. He's at our Fourth of Julys, our Memorial Days, our New Years. And he's loved everywhere he is. We have new copies of "Pete the Cat Big Easter Adventure" (they are going fast!), but also used early reader books (unrelated to Easter but still to be loved).


What Oregon child should grow up without "The Lorax", perhaps Dr. Seuss' most important tale about the creature who speaks for the trees? Arguably far away from the themes of Easter, The Lorax is still a wonderful book for Spring, reminding children and adults alike why we must preserve and cherish the privilege of our natural resources. Keep the generations respecting what we have with this wonderful book!


Of course this is only a sample, and I hope it has helped you with some ideas. We have a LOT more books for children of all ages, so come and visit us, and share with us your favorite books from your childhood Easter adventures!

~ Please note: at Wallace Books we respect the ideologies of all our customers, religious & secular, and we are aware that there are many who celebrate Easter outside its religious contexts. In order to maintain that respect, we have opted to select titles that are clear of any religious beliefs. For children's bibles and biblical tales, please ask one of our employees to show you our selection.

~ James, April 2014

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